Saturday, June 25, 2005


Spotted on :

The little red sticker on the top left of this CD says that it features guest vocals from Brian Molko. This doesn't so much worry me, as send a cold shiver through my heart, a shooting pain up my left arm, a gagging reflex in my oesophagus and thoughts of Placebo singles polluting the darkest canyons of my psyche. Luckily, this is not a Placebo album, rather the new release from European dance-maestro Timo Maas. The album is chockablock with warped, throbbing basslines juxtaposed with computerised hi-hats and noises that sound like they were created in a some top secret lab deep in the Nevada desert. Most of the tracks have some kind of vocal on them, from well known artists to unknowns.

My personal knowledge of dance music fits somewhere in between
"comprehensive" and "intermediate", a fan but not really an expert. Even with this lack of expertise I can see that this record is hardly seminal or innovative. I can't really tell it's intentions either, it's not groovy enough to fill dancefloors and not commercial of different enough to transcend into Mainstream or Rock audiences tastes, like Daft Punk or Aphex Twin did. I can't really see it winning over the Hip-Hop collective, like DJ Shadow or Massive Attack did. There's still some cool stuff on here like the track with Kelis, and even the Molko track is one of the better ones.

Wednesday, June 22, 2005


Spotted on MegaStar:

Mr Maas has realised to stay buoyant in the sea of dance you've got to stick on your alternative rubber ring.

So to speak.

With that in mind, keeping Timo company on this banging bagful of big beat and techno is a very showbiz (but unlikely) bunch of vocalists, including Neneh Cherry, Brian Molko and long-time associate Kelis.

As expected, a wee nod to indie and a sly wink at R 'nB find their way onto what is essentially billed as dancefloor fodder.

But maturing in a similar manner to The Chemical Brothers, the tune is valued above the BPMs on Pictures - something that wasn't the case on his previous outing Music For The Maases.

Cop a feel of single First Day featuring Placebo's Molko and you'll have a good idea whether grown-up Timo gets you going.

Friday, June 17, 2005


Spotted in Undercover:

The new Timo Maas single will feature vocals from Placebo singer Brain Molko.

Molko will share lead on the track 'First Day' with newcomer Jo Kate. 'She's so talented and has a great vibe" says Maas.

The song will feature on Maas' second album Pictures due July 17.

Pre-order pictures

Saturday, June 11, 2005


Spotted in Adult Themes:
"Arabesque is interpretations of Gainsbourg songs with an Arabic group and is fired with fresh enthusiasm. But the other album, the slightly older Rendez-Vous, is just as telling, featuring duets with artists as varied as young British singers Brian Molko of glam rockers Placebo and Beth Gibbons of Portishead, older figures such as Bryan Ferry and Brazilian star Caetano Veloso and fellow French icon Francoise Hardy.

'In songs, lyrics matter a lot, which means it's a bit like acting,' Birkin says. 'With the lyrics, we can interpret them with a certain sense of people who have been there. Because lyrics are so important, people in France love Patti Smith, and Franoise Hardy won singer of the year and her record was a great success. There are a lot of us wanting to see people who look like us.'"

Buy Rendez-Vous

Friday, June 10, 2005


A review of Soulmates Never Die from Digitally Obsessed:

"There aren't many bands that can cross the seemingly unfathomable chasm that separates heavy metal/goth fans from those who appreciate more "sophisticated" music, but Placebo is one that has managed to stand up to that challenge. Bursting onto the UK music scene in 1996 with such singles as Nancy Boy and Teenage Angst, they not only became a favorite of UK bad lads, but also rapidly assumed the mantle of bands such as The London Suede and Kitchens of Distinction, bands that flirted with sexual ambiguity and explored gay themes.

Placebo has outlived them all, both in spirit and inspiration, and the best evidence of their continued, well-deserved success is Soulmates Never Die. This is a fantastic video, captured live at the Bercy concert hall in Paris. Don't be put off by the seemingly-cliched intro with its freeze frames on both the band and the audience, or its slow tracking shots back over the audience. You'll soon be treated to the multiple camera setups and editing that effectively capture the boisterous personalities and enthusiasm of lead singer Brian Molko, mohawked bassist Stefan Osdal, and drummer Steve Hewitt, as well as the thousands of fans that packed the sold-out concert."

Buy Soulmates Never Die on DVD

Sunday, June 05, 2005

Timo Maas

Spotted in Filter's British Accents newsletter:
"*PLACEBO are working on a new album to be released at the end of this year or 2006. In the meantine, check out BRIAN MOLKO's collaborations with TIMO MAAS on his new album. "

It's A Spin-Off

This Molkorific blog is a spin-off from Molkorific, the email Molko-and-Pacebo worshipping community.

Not literally worshipping, of course; it's more sexual than spiritual.

The Molkorific blog will track Brian Molko and Placebo related news stories; feature the odd photo or two; and such other things as might be reasonably requested from time to time.