Saturday, June 25, 2005


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The little red sticker on the top left of this CD says that it features guest vocals from Brian Molko. This doesn't so much worry me, as send a cold shiver through my heart, a shooting pain up my left arm, a gagging reflex in my oesophagus and thoughts of Placebo singles polluting the darkest canyons of my psyche. Luckily, this is not a Placebo album, rather the new release from European dance-maestro Timo Maas. The album is chockablock with warped, throbbing basslines juxtaposed with computerised hi-hats and noises that sound like they were created in a some top secret lab deep in the Nevada desert. Most of the tracks have some kind of vocal on them, from well known artists to unknowns.

My personal knowledge of dance music fits somewhere in between
"comprehensive" and "intermediate", a fan but not really an expert. Even with this lack of expertise I can see that this record is hardly seminal or innovative. I can't really tell it's intentions either, it's not groovy enough to fill dancefloors and not commercial of different enough to transcend into Mainstream or Rock audiences tastes, like Daft Punk or Aphex Twin did. I can't really see it winning over the Hip-Hop collective, like DJ Shadow or Massive Attack did. There's still some cool stuff on here like the track with Kelis, and even the Molko track is one of the better ones.


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