Wednesday, June 22, 2005


Spotted on MegaStar:

Mr Maas has realised to stay buoyant in the sea of dance you've got to stick on your alternative rubber ring.

So to speak.

With that in mind, keeping Timo company on this banging bagful of big beat and techno is a very showbiz (but unlikely) bunch of vocalists, including Neneh Cherry, Brian Molko and long-time associate Kelis.

As expected, a wee nod to indie and a sly wink at R 'nB find their way onto what is essentially billed as dancefloor fodder.

But maturing in a similar manner to The Chemical Brothers, the tune is valued above the BPMs on Pictures - something that wasn't the case on his previous outing Music For The Maases.

Cop a feel of single First Day featuring Placebo's Molko and you'll have a good idea whether grown-up Timo gets you going.


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