Friday, June 10, 2005


A review of Soulmates Never Die from Digitally Obsessed:

"There aren't many bands that can cross the seemingly unfathomable chasm that separates heavy metal/goth fans from those who appreciate more "sophisticated" music, but Placebo is one that has managed to stand up to that challenge. Bursting onto the UK music scene in 1996 with such singles as Nancy Boy and Teenage Angst, they not only became a favorite of UK bad lads, but also rapidly assumed the mantle of bands such as The London Suede and Kitchens of Distinction, bands that flirted with sexual ambiguity and explored gay themes.

Placebo has outlived them all, both in spirit and inspiration, and the best evidence of their continued, well-deserved success is Soulmates Never Die. This is a fantastic video, captured live at the Bercy concert hall in Paris. Don't be put off by the seemingly-cliched intro with its freeze frames on both the band and the audience, or its slow tracking shots back over the audience. You'll soon be treated to the multiple camera setups and editing that effectively capture the boisterous personalities and enthusiasm of lead singer Brian Molko, mohawked bassist Stefan Osdal, and drummer Steve Hewitt, as well as the thousands of fans that packed the sold-out concert."

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